As with detailed posts, I’m quite far behind but I will continue to post simply what we are currently doing on this daily itinerary. I will continue to post on this post as I have time.

May 18

Morning: Meli picked us up at 10:00. She took us to a mosk on the outskirts of a town called Secuk. She taught us about Islam. She talked about the five pillars and her opinion of the religion.

For lunch we went into Selcuk to a restaurant with Manti.

Afternoon: A carpet shop to see how carpets are made and buy one.

May 19

Morning: We went to the Ephesus Museum. Meli talked to us about the history of Turkey. She talked about Ephesus and its purpose. It turns out that there were four Ephesus structures built. When seeing the museum Meli would take an object and put it in context. She told an imaginative story about everything.

Lunch: For lunch we ate at Meli’s family farm. Her sister and her husband were there. They cooked for us and served us a typical Turkish lunch.


About willrand

Will is interested in many different ambitions. He enjoys playing musical instruments such as the piano, organ, and the French horn. He has traveled to Turkey, South Africa, Cambodia, England and Scotland. Will loves to learn about new things and contemplating upon the mysteries of the world.
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One Response to Itinerary

  1. Hi, Will! Thank you for you posts. I’m finally back at my computer and checking in. I lost track of the way to your family blogs so I missed out on what’s been happening, but I have been thinking about you all daily. Now I will figure out how to follow so I get notified about your entries and get them easily! I think you are on the way to South Africa now. What an adventure!!!

    We had a Pentecost Party for the children at Grace and their families at our house Sunday after church. It was really hot (in the 90’s) but everyone had a good time anyway. Tom grilled hamburgers and hotdogs and I made up Pentecost games (like “All Together in One Place” treasure hunt, “Mighty WInd” relay race, and “Pin the Flame on the Disciple”) which were lots of fun. Everybody loved Tippy who probably had the best time of all.

    We had ice cream and a birthday cake which said “Happy Birthday, Church” and had lots of little flames on it, from the local family-run Italian bakery. But what I wanted to tell you was that a very favorite activity (which I didn’t plan; it just happened) was playing our two pianos. Most of these children don’t have access to a piano so that was a big treat for them. Have you found any pianos to play on your travels?

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