Our Balloon Adventure

We had an immensely interesting experience on our second day in Goreme, Cappadocia. We had a chance to fly. Not literally, but simply in a balloon.

Cappadocia is the home of fairy chimneys and beautiful landscape. This landscape has been shaped into beings by natural forces like wind and water. These forces usually leave a typical trend as shown in many places in the world. For example, the United States has two extremely predominant mountain chains. The Rocky Mountains and the Appalachian Mountains. With these two chains you have an older and a younger. The older tends to be the healthier and sometimes the milder in the end. The younger begins rocky and jagged and not as healthy. Conductions of air currents cause unpredictable and a lot of times severe weather. The older of the chains starts out that way. The Appalachian Mountains started way before the Rocky Mountains. The Appalachian Mountains used to be taller than Mount Everest is today. Mount Everest is 29,029 feet today. The Appalachians were usually around 40,000 feet at the median of them all. As many years passed, wind and water went over the mountains. Thunderstorms, severe wind, snow, ice! All of these forces wore the mountains down until they are as they are today. They are rounded, healthy, and simple. The Rocky Mountains are far newer. At their fault they arose, tall and jagged as they are today. As these mountains are newer they are extremely jagged and risky and many people find them more adventurous and daring. Soon enough natural forces will wear the Rockies down until they are the same as the Appalachians.

These are natural forces that I speak of. This is the trace that is left from the known history of the terrain. In Goreme, landscape is fairly new. There are valleys and plateaus and these fairy chimneys. Jagged rock sticks out from the ground created peaks of rock everywhere. These fairy chimneys and peaks of rock are the most curious when it comes to the erosion patterns and weathering patterns that have been used on the rock. They have been eroded in the shape of a house. This is with a very pointed roof and circular living area.

Goreme wants to show its visitors the beauty of the landscape. They take advantage of this by creating a balloon industry. This industry turned into many industries with an image of prospering. These companies hire balloon pilots and bought balloons. They used these tools to send visitors into the skies. For a fee the companies pick you up at your residing hotel and take you to their headquarters. They serve you breakfast and bus you to the site of the balloons.

At the site you watch them fill the balloons with at and you get in them by climbing over the sides. You also have to weight it down so that the balloon doesn’t fly off on its own. Once you are in you wait for the balloon to fully fill up with air and then you’re off. Our pilot on our flights’s name was John. He was from southern England.

Once you let the balloon go into the air you seem to glide up into the atmosphere. It’s almost magical how simple it was. We went up for a few minutes in higher atmosphere and then he let us go down. We finally got so close to the ground that we skimmed the trees! We were seemingly about to touch the ground when suddenly we were out in a majestic, colorful valley. We saw farms and orchards and pidgin homes. It was magnificent as the light caressed the rock gently. The word seemed to be at peace and in restful beauty.

After sailing through the red and rose valleys we ascended to a very steady level for a while. John could sense that there was a little bit of nervousness flowing through the balloon so he started making jokes. He really had a lot a comedy in him.

Seeing Goreme from such a height was truly wonderful and magnificently spectacular. Itwas an experience that I will never forget.

Thank You Joyce for sponsoring us to have this truly phenomenal experience.




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Will is interested in many different ambitions. He enjoys playing musical instruments such as the piano, organ, and the French horn. He has traveled to Turkey, South Africa, Cambodia, England and Scotland. Will loves to learn about new things and contemplating upon the mysteries of the world.
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