As you heard in the update, we have successfully landed in this beautiful country of Scotland. Our flights were successful though the longest, from Johannesburg to London, was completely full. This was quite unlike our previous flight which was almost completely empty. Nevertheless, we arrived, tired, but happy in Scotland. We started first in Edinburgh. This is the city in which mom was born. Whilst her parents were teaching in the city, they became friends with two people named, Jim and Carol. We have been staying with Jim and Carol during our time in Edinburgh.

During the daytime we were out and about in the city. On the first day we hastened to do the things most required to have nice weather. Our first day was not a typical Scotland type of day but totally the opposite. This was a day of few clouds in the sky, no rain, sunshine… This was welcomed quickly by our family who is quite used to rain and wind and very cloudy days!
The day began in a way that is most liked by our family, we hiked. There is a mountain in the city called Arthur’s Seat. This was a short but nevertheless, strenuous to hike. The views were extremely rewarding. Next we walked up and down the Royal Mile which begins with Queen Elizabeth II’s Scotland home and the Parliament building. It continues for one mile up until Edinburgh Castle. In this mile you can shop until you drop, because the shops are endless. We enjoyed going into bookstores, paper weight stores, a storytelling café, souvenir shops, and to my immense dismay, clothing stores. Alistair bought four things, Mom several gifts and a jacket for herself, Dad bought a few gifts, and I bought postcards and a paperweight that I love. The storytelling café had many interesting things to look at. This center is a place that most evenings Scottish storytellers from near and far come to the center to teach stories and the act of storytelling. This interested all of us but unfortunately we only went for tea time and could not see a program.

Also during our time in Edinburgh we:

Went to Edinburgh Castle upon the request from my great-Grandma, “See as many castles as you can.” It was very interesting and we saw buildings and museums inside the stronghold.

We saw Jean Brown who is an old family friend. She greeted us warmly and gave us tea and hundred-folds of sweets. It was lovely for Mom who had known her her whole life.

We also saw the Botanical Gardens of Edinburgh which has beautiful gardens of many interesting flowers and plants. The same day we went to the Scottish Museum which is interactive and very new.

Our time in Edinburgh has been wonderful. We shall return for a few days before flying home.
Soon we shall be blogging about our time in the Highlands and on Iona.







About willrand

Will is interested in many different ambitions. He enjoys playing musical instruments such as the piano, organ, and the French horn. He has traveled to Turkey, South Africa, Cambodia, England and Scotland. Will loves to learn about new things and contemplating upon the mysteries of the world.
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