The Iona Community

After reading about this I encourage you to learn more about the Iona Community.
The Iona Community

Our last major destination in Scotland was a small island called Iona. Iona is the known place where St. Columba brought the beginning of christianity to Scotland. To understand the island you must understand the basic history.

Long ago, St. Columba borrowed the Book of Psalms that was inscribed on parchment. He copied it word-for-word on to other pieces of parchment. When he was finished using the original, he did not give it back. This created a great deal of conflict that resulted in the death of many hundreds of people. Columba took 12 followers that were monks, just like himself, and set off for an island close to Scotland. He decided to be an evangelist and create as many christians as he killed before. He landed with his followers on Iona. He climbed to the top of some of the oldest rock known on Earth and took one last faint look at Northern Ireland. He punished himself and said he never would return to Ireland. And so he lived creating a new community, the Iona community. He introduced Christianity and the Celtic Religions to the island and built an abbey that the foundation is still used, renovated, but still used for worship. Columba did create as many Christians as people that he killed and is known all over Northern Scotland.

This is the history told to us on the island. Today the island is still small in land size and in population. There are only 125 people living on the island. Many pilgrims come to this island seeking new life. They host youth that are on a youth retreats at a place called the McLEAD Centre. They also host visitors in hotels and hostels.

The abbey still is a place of worship. Every day in the morning and evening they host anyone that wants to worship. It is a simple service that encompasses prayer, scripture, and hymns.

We spent one full day on Iona as well as a half of the day we arrived. It is secluded away from the rest of the world. It takes three ferries to arrive. The experience is wonderful though. It really is a spiritual pilgrimage.








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