May 16th

What a feeling! The first day if our sabbatical did not come lightly to your mind.

The morning sun was seeping through the curtains brightly and my mind was racing. All of the last minute details were falling trough like snow on an avalanche. The excitement was very much present too. My immense joy of flying was great.

Waking up I was not surprised to see everyone awake and dressed and sitting inthe kitchen in my grandparent’s house in Oxford, OH. There was a tenseness of the room though streams of excited energy seem to flow through the sea of stress and nervousness.

The morning went by rather quickly though the most exciting parts of the morning seemed to go extremely slowly. In the morning we face timed with Mom and Dad on the iPad and took care of last minute items as well. I went for a walk in the woods. It was so splendid to be out in the desiguous forest again to see the beautiful sights and sounds of the regular forest in Ohio. At noon Jan Belka came to pick us up to the airport.

We flew out of CVG International Airport (Cincinnati/Covington airport). Upon our arrival I realized how much CVG has changed since our family lived in Cincinnati and flew out of that airport. Previous to our airport arrival I had done  research on the iPad about our planes and flights. I looked at a model of the plane that we would be taking to Munich International Airport. I asked generically what seat I would be sitting in on the flight. He looked it up and said that I would be sitting in seat 30 B. I thought simply “okay”. But then I looked it up on the iPad and realized that my seat was near the back of the plane. That of course could not be right so he called the travel agent got on the case.

The travel agent called United/Continental Airlines, which we would be flighing and said that the check in would have to move my seat back to the row with the rest of us.

Well we asked the check in agent and she said she had to call up the person that was in my original seat and ask them to move. That did not make any sense because they moved me without consent. She said once we reach Chicago O’Hare that the gate agent there would have to change it.

We were not satisfied but we lived with it. We then proceeded to our gate.

At 1:00 in the afternoon we boarded our flight to Chicago. The flight was successful but a little turbulent. We then proceeded to find our flight to Munich. Upon finding the flight. which coincidentally was in the gate precisely to the right of our last flight, we went up to the gate agent. We shared our story and she moved me to economy plus but not to the right seat. She said she couldn’t do any more. She explained that United had changed the plane from a Boeing 747 to a Boeing 777 even tough the flight  was 100% full. She also had 20 more passengers to seat.

We then decided to give up and wait to board.


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