May 18

For my daily posts, because I’m so far behind due to Internet misconnection and loss of time, I will just simply give the outline of each event. Let me also explain that Meli is our tour guide. She showed us everything during our time in Izmir. She is a font of information! She would tell us everything in great detail. We really learned quite a bit from her in just five minutes!

Morning: Meli picked us up at 10:00. She took us to a mosk on the outskirts of a town called Secuk. She taught us about Islam. She talked about the five pillars and her opinion of the religion.

For lunch we went into Selcuk and ate at a Turkish restaurant where they had Manti. Manti is a small noddle like pastry with meat on the inside that is surrounded with plain yogurt and a little bit of spices.

It was delicious. We also had pide bread and cheese. What a meal!

In the afternoon we went to a carpet shop where we learned how they make Turkish carpets. They basically tried to sell us all of them! They unrolled what seemed like thousands and showed us each and every one for its uniqueness. They were amazing salesmen! They tried to get to know all of us and used that to their advantage in selling us the carpet. They almost got Dad to buy two. Now mind you these carpets were not cheap! But they were all amazing. All of the patterns were special for a reason. It overall was very interesting and brought heavy money spending from Mom and Dad’s accounts.

It was a very interesting day in Turkey.


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